Good recipe turned into the best recipe & how?? The pictures need updated, but I still love and make that recipe. of course geeta , you can fold in any desired toppings. Believe me the cake had an eye catching golden brown color and was done within 35 mins. It’s  one of my favorite eggless vanilla cupcake recipe which works great for cakes too. Just wanted to know how to make butterscotch cake? I will be doing butterscotch cake next month . Can’t wait to try more of them. The taste is good comes out soft as well. Add vegetable oil and vanilla extract and whip well until oil is emulsified. Hi Khushbu, It might be silly, but I’m just a novice in baking. Just substitute the all purpose as well as cornflour totally with cake flour. the temp 160 deg C for fan oven . I use raw sugar because we like it. Hello Emily.Such a bummer , lets find the possible reasons here. Was the cake cooked well in the center. And is there any other change too that I need to make? Act quickly once the batter is mixed because the leavening agents start reacting as soon as they come in contact with something acidic - here its yogurt. I also tried vanilla cup cakes.. Hi khushoo…thanx for eggless recipes as i m vegetarian…i tried ur chocolate Cake was perfect…but i tried ur vanilla cake recipe with one of my customer….n she complained of very soft cupcakes as she could not remove the liner from cupcake…it breaks into pieces…..why is it so..? One more question when I made the chocolate cupcakes and I kept them at room temperature they became sticky at the top, please advise where I went wrong? I will make a brand new post on this next month or two. Plannjng to prepare a cake using this lovely recipe for my babys bday… Hi, can you please let me know if we can use powdered sugar and in what quantity instead of granulated sugar as the granules fail to dissolve when I have tried whipping it with butter or yogurt. Preheat oven to 350°F (176°C) and prepare a cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Only a true mentor can see the potential . In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking soda. use blender with whipping attachment and not the beater attachment. Hello Khushboo.. My cupcakes were done in exact 15 minutes 30 seconds. can u share a recipe for making 6 cupcakes.. I want frost it with buttercream icing…will it hold or any other option…, U are my Go to for baking …I salute u Lady…. Can you help with this? In another bowl sift all dry ingredients and give it a quick mix. It was a great hit with the kids,they loved it!! Hope this tip helps . Lot of leavening agents. You can bake upto 3 days in advance and store in fridge with no change in moistness of the cake.Always keep your cake covered with cling followed by foil to keep it away from drying out. Glad I could help Archana , wishing you luck and awaiting feedback . I used silicon liners for baking cup cakes Hello Kim, there are a couple of reasons why the cupcakes sink. Second thing that was bothering me was that they weren’t as light and airy as a cupcake should be . Hi Navi , This recipe can be successfully doubled . Thank you Dhanya, I am glad you enjoyed it! Hi.. this looks delicious.. Does it give you an option to turn off the top heating elements? Thank you! I do it all the time using one 9 ” pan. Khushboo! Should i add more sugar to this as i wouldn’t be putting any frosting on it? water, salt, vanilla extract, sugar, baking soda, canola oil and 2 Wats it replacement?? Have tried ur dosa recipe nd chocolate cake recipe.. Works well with greek yogurt too. Hi khushboo, thanks for the wonderful recipe of vanilla cup cake, I have never done frosting on cupcakes and neither do I have tools for it, should I go for whipped cream method, do u have any blog for it.. I’m looking for it urgently. Happy cooking!Do share it with the world!Thanks for stopping by. Taste of the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but the only disappointment was the crusty top. Do follow up. I am a beginner when it comes to baking cakes. I have double the recipe I made in 2 8″ cake tins my cake sinks in the middle I don’t know why. Hello Chitra, I have never weighed the cake after baking. Esha the cake sounds absolutely delicious. Hey khushboo, Di you open the oven door in between the baking? Hi , I suggest you use my mango cake recipe as altering this cake with mango puree will change sugar and liquid quantity. I am in love w u totally for sharing this recepie which m bookmarking right now ! But yes may be i put whole batter in one 6″ pan could be causing the issue. I do not have a whisk attachment.. If you like healthy bakes do try my other recipes – healthy brownies and muffins too. How big a tin should i use for this quantity ?TIA, yes of course , consider it as a base for any flavor . Hi Khushboo…… Will b making this cake in a day..I want to make a fresh pineapple gateaux…… So what all should b added for that matter. My search for a perfect vanilla cake has ended. TIA. Please advise.. thanks again! Be sure to read the label for food allergies. Just ignore . Now this recipe is added permanently into my recipe book. Thanks, Thank you Sakshi , and it is a very relevant question people ask me a lot. Definitely a keeper! What a fantastic recipe. Glad to know that the cupcakes turned out perfect for you. Beater won’t give that texture. If it comes out clean, it is overbaked but not an issue. Pour water over all. These were spot on! Simple buttercream , ganache , cream cheese and whipped cream frosting too. Your email address will not be published. However it cracked in the middle when I took it for cooling. I have replaced it with oil and used some butter essence resulting into moist cupcakes even after 2 days. Glad it turned out awesome Sapna! Pls tell me how many eggs would be required to replace curd in this recipe. Moist cakes are good right.. dry ones are such a turn off. All Rights Reserved The cake is fluffy, but the crumb isn’t too loose. Each oven bakes at different rates, adjust baking times accordingly. I have made few adjustments to it and recreated it to suit my taste – and I want to term it as the BEST one. Keep baking keep rocking. It is a bit urgent. Will the gel colouring be ok to use? Thank you for a lovely feedback. Blog Design by Traci Michelle. I just need to know whether I need to make any changes in ingredients nd what is time reqd for cake to get ready?? It all depends on oven to oven and make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the liquid. Keep checking after every minute later by inserting a toothpick in the centermost cupcake. I want this one to be perfect too. Yaa I know… And I tried your chocolate cake recipe in that mould. Hi khusbhoo,i found ur blog today as i was seaching for best vanilla cake,so ur recipe didn’t had butter as i hatw it so imm i tried it today n i had a small problem with it as my cake got stuck to the bottom when i tried to remove it it bottom of the cake didn’t come properly as my 3.5 years son love dry fruits i just added few raisins n cashews is that sticking is coz of adding dry fruits no idea pls tell me wr i went wrong,but the taste was heaven n upper side of the cake was too good n just loved it n bookmarked it as i will bake it again n again n my my cake got finishes in ine go my son n husband loved it all thanks to u n subscribed to ur blog,kudos to u dear khushboo. Hi Khusboo… loved your recipe. Thank you. Any suggestions what could be the reason as i have tried it 2-3 times earlier as well with same issue. I tried the above recipe with few changes. For cake- bake 35-40 mins and toothpick test . Glad to know that Deeksha , you can make your own variations to the cupcakes by adding choco chips , cookie bits , fruits etc to make it more exciting . Can I rest the batter till the first batch is done & cooled? Please. So here is my recipe for the perfect, most effortless, moist and easy eggless vanilla cupcakes. I suggest try doubling the recipe for each pan. Vanilla Depression Cake Recipe. Now I am using a Nikon with 50 mm prime lens and sometimes kit lens. In order to get a nice white (and not brownish) cake, I used Icing sugar instead of regular sugar, half butter half oil and since I only had a pineapple melon flavored store bought yoghurt at home, I used that. Hello Lakshya, after measuring the granulated sugar you can pulse in the blender to powder it. Your eggless vanilla cake is YUM!! I had initially published this eggless vanilla cupcake recipe in 2015. Tried ur recipe twice already, but the same problem. Do a toothpick test and it should come out with few crumbs and not sticky batter. Hi Khusboo, I am planning to core it as I want to serve the cuppies in the wrappers itself ! But today i did so with your wonderful or rather magical recipe ❤… we loved it … next will be the eggless chocolate one… thanks a lot for making an uphill task so easy for. Any specific type of brand? Incidentally, what would make a good vegan substitute for the yoghurt? The salt addition gives it a kick. You may use half oil and half melted cooled butter . Hi Shweta , use the liquid measuring cups for liquid and dry measuring cups for dry ingredients like flour . I do that always. Hey Tripti , this is a fantastic question and many readers ask me too :). How to make a vanilla mug cake in the microwave?. I used 1/4 cup water as the batter was too thick. I have another query this time! You can make four layer cake using a 6″ pan . Thanks khushboo good article with nice information?? Taste was amazing too.. as i was worried about so much of curd in the recipe…but it was not tasting like curd or sour at all.only one question i find it to be little oily can we reduce the amount of oil used in the recipe… if so then do we have to increase the amount of liquid… to balance out the batter. Happy baking. what type of cup should i use for measuring flour n rest stuff? Bake on the middle rack of the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Rucha , it’s not related to sifting , sticky top is not an issue as such, it means your cupcakes are moist from inside , however there are other reasons too – did you cool them on a cooling rack? If you wish to make one, head over to my chocolate cake recipe and it won’t disappoint you for sure. Hello Shazia . Love being here , don’t miss a single recipe- Subscribe now – it’s free and get every recipe in your inbox.Subscription box is on the home page and below every recipe post.If you have tried any of my recipes do drop in a feedback in the comment section or on my Facebook page carveyourcraving in messages section or tag me @carveyourcraving on instagram. But I am not sure. Enjoy! do not over bake – it dries out the baked goods. I am planning to use ur recipe as a base for my rasmalai cake..have few questions in mind if u can help. ..I just bought a new otg .please tell me when I will go to bake these cupcakes in otg .what mode should I choose .upper or lower both temperature with fan or please guide me. I always bake in convection mode, Hi mam, Bhavika it’s 1 cup plus additional 5 tablespoons maida/ all purpose flour. So I am thanking you for sharing cake recipe. Hello, have you tried this recipe with a 1:1 gluten free flour? Hi khushboo, Thanks again Khushboo! Awesome simple eggless vanilla cc recipe! Can you tell me what size cake will the batter make and about how high? Sure , more coming soon! YAY to the sweet success. Thanks for a very easy n lovely recipe How do you convert this recipe into eggless chocolate cupcakes using yoghurt. Thank you for sharing your lovely feedback with us! Yes you may add a cup , maximum 1.5 cups . And adjust liquid in form of milk or water. I loved the texture of these cuppies… Could we use this to make chocolate cake…. You can cut the recipe into half. Thank you Khushboo !! Yes they freeze beautifully. I baked the vanilla cake. Can we use milk in place 2 tbsp water. Looking forward for your response. Happy to know this Jai. I m ok with this particular recipe…but i prefer cooking with the healthier option of wheat flour or oats for the kids. And do revert after experimenting. Did you dust the choco chips with flour before adding or else they will tend to stick. Try investing in an oven thermometer or bake at 325 degrees but for a longer time and see if that works. Hi! Is it 130 gms? Next, make 3 depressions in dry ingredients – two small, one larger. My pleasure Isha , I am glad you enjoyed both the versions . You may ask any question Maria, do not be sorry. Hi……Thankyou tonsss!!! I want you to get it right too so do let me know. So, I narrowed down the substitutes to just a handful – one that were rated highly by others, but also ones that I thought would be eas… Ahhhsom!! Sorry to hear that Jesal. You will need to increase liquids by 2-3 tablespoons for wheat flour. Do u soak the layers with simple sugar syrup when using it as a base for any cake if yes please mention the ration of water n sugar for the syrup. Omg just too good . Taking out the cupcakes too early. Check out my tips on frosting a cake and storing on my salted caramel death by chocolate cake post. I have always made this cake using measuring cups and spoons and it comes out perfect.Glad you like the cake recipes.This one will work for you as well. I have a couple of queries! Absolutely fantastic recipe. Most recipes for homemade vanilla pudding contain eggs. just want to know for this recipe which measuring cup size has to b used .. 240 or 250 ml I don’t make yogurt/curd at home but I can always buy some from store, would that work? It shouldn’t ooze out oil , can you try it again reducing oil by 1 tablespoon and adding 1 tablespoon other liquid and give a feedback . Loved the chocolate cake recipe, it never failed me . Fabulous recipe!! Thank you Alex. The cake sunked Does it typically run hot? So it took much longer to cook and centre was uncooked. Was craving something sweet but was out of eggs. Hi khushboo Now, slowly add sifted flour fold into the wet ingredients. I am so happy that you are loving them. Awaiting ur reply asap. Dear Khusboo, How sweet Candice. And yes you can use gel colors. Just wanted to check if these can be made in advance. Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting are the perfect treat for all occasions. Cake Texture. Take cake off the pan 10 minutes after taking it out of the oven . I mean…bakery cakes.. they use different ingredients ,non sticky cakes made by them…curd and buttermilk makes cake sticky…sponge cake made by bakers…i want to start a mini bakery at my home…pls help me out. Can i bake the cake 1 day in advance and frost it on the main day? So far, most of them have turned weird looking- too dry, too burnt, sunken in the centre, too sweet, too moist, too eggy, etc. Looking forward to baking more with your recipes . Was the yogurt very sour? Hi Khushboo your recipes are amazing. An easy microwave Vanilla Mug Cake (made without eggs) that’s the fastest way to make dessert for one or two. Please let me know.. for some reason I thought it was 1/2cup In another bowl sift all dry ingredients and give it a quick mix. Thanks in advance . … i wanted to try these in two layer cake for my daughter’s birthday.. I have an European oven that resembles the one in the photo. Hi Jai, I have not baked it in 10″ pan yet. Another query- can this recipe work for Boston cream pie cupcakes ? I use this recipe for the cupcakes and they came out so lovely and soft. You always bake previous day and decorate next day. I know, I am acting a little dumb, but trust me, I need things to be perfect. I did look up online. This is my go to vanilla cake recipe. I have tried ur chocolate cake recipe.. it’s awesome ..but I don’t know why vanilla cake becomes after frosting it with heavy whipping cream… when I prepare a cake after coming out of oven it’s super duper soft if I frost it and use it next day it becomes hard…..where I m going wrong….can u pls help me…thank u in advance…. Did you check the effectiveness of your leaveners . Apf is all purpose flour also called as maida. Cream the sugar and yogurt until the sugar is completely dissolved. Do give them a try. Hi Khushboo, However I think it should work. I would bake with fan button on or lower element and the fan button on for cakes / cupcakes. Hello Pooja, what do you mean by a bakery cake? Have 2 quick question s..Y do V add corn flour in the recipe?? Hello Bhuvaneswari. Hi Khushboo, Thanks a lot for the guidance Kushboo. Hi Khusboo, could i double the recipe to make 24, or would it be better to make in separate batches. My readers have done it by adding xanathan gum and 1 flax egg. Hi Khushboo, And what if want to mk chocolate chips cake and vanilla with chocolate chips? Enjoy it with or without frosting. I tried this cakes lots of times taste is amazing but It seem bit oily, is it possible to reduce oil in cake .. You can even add almond flavoring or some lemon or orange zest. How could I postc without rating! Yes store bought is fine. Do not over bake your cupcakes! Hi could i make a pineapple gateau using this recipe? So second time I thought to reduce the temp n flame fir evenly baking. Store in a airtight container or cardboard box at room temperature in a cool dry place up to 3 days or a week in the fridge. Everyone devoured it Wish could share a glimpse with you. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. So moist and fluffy. I came across your website and this recipe looking for a perfect vanilla cake recipe for Easter. Which one should I use? 1) cream the yogurt and sugar until sugar is dissolved. May be try covring cupcakes loosely with foil mid way while baking, hope that makes a difference. And where can we get it ? Did you overmix ? Namrata , at present I don’t have the measures for this one in grams. Layer with whipped cream and homemade butterscotch . Also would like to know, if I wanna add chocolate or any other flavour do I need to increase or decrease anything in specific ? Thanks Dear!! some were dry , some not that airy and fluffy , some were moist but dense , some fell flat on me some turned out ok but ‘ok’ isn’t good enough for me. If I want to add cocoa powder and nuts, how much can I add without changing the proportions of other ingredients. Just finished baking these cupcakes and needless to say these are an instant hit with my kids and their friends and the first batch vanished in under a minute ? Always blend the oil with yogurt and completely. Just came across it. It would be very helpful if you could update the same recipe in grams……thanks a lot…. I tried your chocolate cupcakes recipe and they turned out yummy. I followed your recipe to the T except for omitting butter essence. Homemade yogurt is fine too. 237 ml is one cup measure for dry ingredients that I have, you can use 240 ml one. Malka I have never used oven with a fan. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.❤️. would i need to change the ratio of liquid or anything if i add 1/2 cup of crushed oreo to the batter? And try checking it 2-3 minutes earlier than previous try for doneness. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a … You can gently fold the dry and wet ingredients with a spatula until lumpfree and not overmix it. Hi I had cooled the cake . Awesome cuppies Khusboo! Thanks a lot in advance. You can use maida aka all purpose flour in same quantitiy. Hey hi, Hello Sonal, I am happy to know that both the basic recipes worked for you, have a nice day! If yes, do I triple this recipe or quadruple? I only twist was I added less salt as mentioned and since we recently shifted to Swiss didn’t have my stand mixer so folded the batter with a spoon. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. You may double the recipe and works well without any changes . Thanks for the recipe again :)). Hi khushboo About chocolate cake I need more details from you like pan size used, was the baking soda fresh? Happy to know that this recipe worked for you as well . Just wondering how long to cook this recipe if I wanted to make it in an 8 inch pan? No you cannot , as it will change the balance between dry and wet ingredients. I would suggest rather follow a recipe that uses condensed milk itself . Thoroughly satisfied in my search for the best vanilla cc recipe ! Learn how to cook healthy meals at home that saves money. Hi! I think for 1 kg finished cake with frosting you will have to double up the recipe . Fold the dry ingredients in the wet ones with a spatula or whip it with a hand blender / stand mixer until lump free and smooth. I did not use corn starch. big cheers to you!! They were ultra soft but the cupcakes started turning brown on top. Thank you so much for the response, I will try it accordingly next time . And use a rose pin or heating core in the center for even baking. Be sure to check cupcakes with a toothpick in the center to make sure it comes out clean. And chocolate cake has milk and vinegar which is buttermilk . Read More…. Moist top is natural as it is soft and moist inside. With easy steps nd detailed explanation .. Surely will post it. Tried your vanilla cupcake recipe…. Did it rise? Thanks for a lovely feedback. Tried cookies and they got burnt as well :(. Hello Sonam, cracked tops aren’t an issue as such. So I have updated the same. I’m now going to be a regular visitor to your blog. Posted in CAL, Hope you like them. Hi Surbhi, that is called sweating of cupcakes. I wanted to make a 12inch cake using this recipe. Thats wonderful ! Eggless Cakes are not so easy to perfect. But they will still remain cupcakes not muffins . fill pan 3/4 full and dont forget to insert the rod which comes with the pan, Hii khushboo. Just sub yogurt with a dairy free alternative yogurt like soy or almond. But i tried your eggless chocolate cake recipe too (followed recipe to T again) but it got over baked (hard) from outside and uncooked from inside. The cake will take 30-40 minutes baking depending on pan size. Can I just make changes in this recipe like adding lemon juice and lemon zest or does it require a different recipe? Yes, you can Astha. Abt to try dis recipe… Can u pls lemme knw how much in gms wud dis recipe yeild approx… Tia. It makes two 6″ round cakes approx 2″ tall each, or one 8″ round cake – approx 3 ” tall, How long would you have to cook the 8inch round for? Loved it Substituted oil with butter.. Toooo soft.. Hi Sushma , Is there a reason for baking at 150 deg C? Thank you so much!!! The tin i used was of 6 inch and yes the baking powder was also fresh. Muffins are healthy and uses thick batter, healthy flours,toppings are healthy too ,are dense and finished with a crunchy top , not frosted hence breakfast friendly . yes it is sturdy , you can treat it as other cake sponges, in fact I have carved a doll cake once using this recipe. Truly fabulous . Vanilla cake in lockdown without eggs, milk, butter-one pan recipe. This is by far the best eggless recipe EVER! Do try them as well! When ready, remove from oven, allow to cool for a minute or two then remove from tin and place on cooling rack. Thank you Anitha for a wonderful feedback , do share your pictures on my facebook page. Keep making, keep sharing,hugs! Wet measuring cup for liquids and dry measuring cups for dry ones. Set aside. Cakes I baked remained great the same day but eventually dried up the second day or a day after refrigerating it  . Hello Jai, please elaborate on assistance you need. I am very new into baking. One doubt though, u have mentioned in one of your comments that we are supposed to weigh dry ingredients with the dry ingredient cup and the wet with the wet ingredient weighing cup. How do I get it to rise more? Best ever cupcake I tasted today. After a lot of trials and failures, this was the first time my cupcakes were a success. No worries Khushboo! Never stop trying. ps sorry for so many ques mentioned in my chocolate cupcake post in details. Do not sub it with melted butter. Is that the same as doubling ur recipe? Thank you for your feedback Chaku. Max, I have done 9 ” or a quarter sheet cake. You may use any granulated sugar. Most ready made frosting in the baking isle at grocery stores are dairy free and are a good option if you don’t want to make your own. However had some problem with the texture.. Not sure where I went wrong, had followed the recipe exactly as such. And here your query is absolutely opposite . Hello Iki , I would suggest separate cups for optimum results. I was wondering if I can replace vanilla essence with pineapple essence and can I put small pineapple pieces in cake batter? Shazia. They turned out awesome! 10 tablespoons vegetable oil. thanks for a lovely feedback Reena, you can experiment with the proprtions because you will have to adjust the sweetness according to the cocoa and the liquids. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hey Khushboo, thank you for this wonderful recipe. Does it have to be full fat, or can we substitute with fat free/Greek or even skyr? I haven’t noted this recipe in grams , but I can say it’s a forgiving recipe , dry cups will work . I can only imagine how refreshing the taste would be with the ad ons you have mentioned, lovely. egg whites, baking powder, vanilla extract, cake flour, granulated sugar and 7 more. Thanks. It contains egg, sugar, milk, vanilla, and a thickener like cornstarch. My kids loved it.. Oh nooo, yeah we all have bad days, may be you got nervous or so , do send over cupcakes to your client again to make it up . Turned out wonderful. How can I convert this into enough batter for 2 X 10inch cake pans? This one was shot by my previous point and shoot canon . Also, is store bought yogurt ok to use? Also sugar in gms? I’m gonna try ur recipe. The cake turned out so good.Thank you for the recipe.Can we add chocolate chips to the cake? Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a standard size muffin tin with cupcake liners. Hello Diane .I haven’t tried it with gluten free flour . Or can v skip it??? The eggless chocolate cake has baking soda and not baking powder. Make them for birthdays, anniversaries or any day when you want a cupcake! Please reply ASAP so that I can try this out at the earliest. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Happy baking! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a standard size muffin tin with cupcake liners. I would love to hear from you. Wrap individual cupcakes in saran wrap/cling wrap and store in airtight container in freezer upto 3 months. It was a plus too that these cupcakes don’t require butter , they came out light ,moist n fluffy. You will get light and spongy cake. Enjoy! I wasn’t aware of that though? Hi Linda, you may use any store-bought plain original ( not flavored) yogurt. Hi, Can you please clarify for butter essence? Loads of love and wishes to make baking so easy. Hi mam The measuring cup that looks like a mug with a spout is used to measure liquids and the individual measuring cups that you get are used to measure dry ingredients. So can you tell me what can be mistaken or how to make them spongy? I have personally made 2 tiered cake. Just going to make a cake out of this. were the leaveners used in a good condition? or you can use hand held balloon whisk . Bake time would be 40-50 minutes.Check at 40 minute mark. Your recipe is simply easy to follow and turns out perfect I baked a small cake and a few cupcakes for kids and everybody loved the taste. I was not able to frost it, as it just crumbled down into small pieces. for the awesome recipe…..i got a lot of praises for it…. Do you know why? Thanks, Take it out of the oven and then it . Please let me know asap I have this order on wednesday. And what would be the baking time? Yayyyy to that Shikha , I am happy that you loved it. Yes absolutely you can make it into a cake. Oh ok , do you switch on both heat elements? Thank you!!! Worked out great for me. Any tricks for the same plz. You may dust the tops of cupcakes with cornflour before storing. Wow Anu , that’s great. Hello, the crust has to be soft , and it softens more after cooling. Doesn’t matter if its a   hand held or a stand mixer – both will give you same results. sift the flour twice from a height – results into fluffy bakes, mix dry ingredients well before incorporating in the wet ones. Try substituting cornflour with maida itself and compare the results. Hugs! Would be great if U could help me with the same. Also sorry will I have to make it 6 times for 6 8inch cakes. Loved the way the cake turned out, so soft and tasty. Awesome DS. It’s the most popular recipe of my blog tried and tested by hundred’s of readers .I am sure you will love it too. Can i use this recipe to make 1 kg vanilla cream cake. I read all the comments. You don’t need eggs to make a delicious cake with these egg-free recipes. Don’t forget to save some if you desire to frost them . The original recipe calls for butter . Thanks again for the great recipe . Cut and fold method is effective too. All ingredients have to be at room temperature or not too cold including yogurt /curd. We generally frost the cupcakes so the moistness isn’t visible. The cup cakes came out super soft. Sounds good Chitra. so baked a trial cake yesterday…followed the recipe tk thw T…the cake turned out well and baked fine…but.. 1 .the top crust was sticky…what can be the reason..what can i modify to make it less sticky…, 2. Thank you. Hello Lakshmi , Standard cup used for baking purposes. Super moist and delicious. Cornflour makes your cakes lighter with a tender crumb. i have dry cups only. Do let me know the results.

vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs

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