To harvest nettle seed, I cut off the top third of each nettle and dry them on a sheet or brown paper in the sunshine, turning them occasionally until the leaves feel crisp. The roots I am discussing in this article harvesting are from Urtica dioica dioica, which is what I wildcraft and farm. So informative and wonderful to read. Going to have to throw out ! Stinging nettle garden placement Next, it’s time to wash them. You can harvest all year if you just take the tender top 4 leaves or so. How do you make a tincture out of the seeds? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I like to use a three-bin system. I can’t give specific recommendations without a consultation but from what you have said I think nettle seeds would be an ideal addition to your grandmother’s diet. Since my last post on harvesting nettle seeds I’ve had a couple of emails asking me for more specific details about how and when to harvest. . By the time you finish the third scrub, they should be totally clean and free of dirt. You’ll probably want to wear kitchen gloves or use tongs to handle. This lovely nettle patch, and a couple more like it, are just outside my house so I’m lucky not to have to worry about over harvesting! If you are harvesting in the spring, it is best to dig up roots before new shoots begin to sprout out of the rhizomes and make their way up to the surface of the soil. You can throw these off to the side for now, but move them back to the disturbed area when you are done to allow them to decompose back into the soil. Lovely to spread some nettle positivity. Clean them again, then move them once more. Here’s some info about how to correctly identify the plant and safely prepare the […], […] daily routine. Yes common stinging nettle, Urtica dioica. For more detailed info on when to pick and how to process nettle seed see this post here. This structure is vigorous, and it spreads like crazy! i ate about a tablespoon of fresh ones yesterday, and today I CLEANED THE WINDOWS! The first time I harvested the seeds I ignored Henriette’s advice and, like many a young herbalist who disregards the voice of experience and wisdom, I came a-cropper. As far as I know seeds don’t always freeze well but as I say, I haven’t done it myself. Harvest Nettle Seeds to Make a Tasty Condiment: Gomasio with Nettle Seeds & Sea Vegetables With the onset of warm weather, I allow the nettle patch to flower and make seed. Or perhaps not. x. The staff at Gardener’s Path are not medical professionals and this article should not be construed as medical advice intended to assess, diagnose, prescribe, or promise cure. It’s easiest to start from a transplant, but if you don’t have access to a stinging nettle patch, start your own plants from seed. Wash them with gloves on and stick them into … lyalli in eastern Washington for its very large seed clusters. As the druid is interviewed a stalk of nettle including the seeds are shown and I assume the bread uses nettle seeds as the base cereal. To harvest stinging nettles as a potherb, wear stout gloves so you don’t get strung. How lovely. The first time I harvested the seeds I ignored Henriette’s advice and, like many a young herbalist who disregards the voice of experience and wisdom, I came a-cropper. When you are ready to harvest, put on your long sleeves and gloves, grab a basket or bag, and gather your digging tool of choice. See our TOS for more details. Whispering Earth has a wonderful blog post on the health benefits of nettle seeds. “I always think that the medicines we need most are the ones which are most abundant near where we live.”. If one wished to keep fresh seeds for use, do they freeze well? We only sell open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural & non-GMO! I add it to my breakfast smoothies and oatmeal, salad dressing etc….Love it! The cute-but-not-critical-to-your-nettle-harvesting story This key bit of advice (“harvest young nettle”) came in handy one memorable spring day back in 2013. Before winter sets in, the runners will produce tiny green shoots that will overwinter underground, gearing up to sprout in the spring. Harvest for eating before they are knee high. You can start stinging nettle either from seed or from pulling up and transplanting a rooted stem. Perennial in zones 3-10, stinging nettle is frequently found growing wild in forest edges. I have not come across anyone reporting hormonal disturbances yet but, as always, it’s important to see how they affect you individually and respond to that. The thicker the pieces are, the smaller you should cut them. They are a darker yellow and will be more dry. This versatile and popular herb has been utilized for centuries across the globe. Dosage: 1/2–1 teaspoon of fresh or dried seeds sprinkled into salads, soups, stews, etc. Harvesting. First, cut off the tops of the plants as you harvest them, to avoid getting stung and to keep any plant debris out of your harvested crop. There are a couple of great articles on the internet describing how to harvest nettle seeds along with their uses which I highly recommend reading, notably those by Henriette here and here and Kiva Rose here and here. By Susan Belsinger. Do you have any advice for treating a cat with renal problems who’s very fussy – might soaking nettle seeds in her drinking water be effective? When harvesting I remove the leaves from the stems a field then when dried I do not have to deal with leaf matter when screening. According to Henriette, ‘Nettle seeds are adaptogens. Thanks April.There are so many great plants outside our doors aren’t there! A lovely post! The thickness may vary from something thinner than a pencil to those that are about the size of a quarter around. They should dry in about 24 hours in a dehydrator set to 100°F. Thank you! Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica) - Stinging Nettle is found growing all across North America and especially in moist, forested soil. According to experts at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center at Penn State, Hershey, some studies have indicated that the effectiveness of nettle root extract may be comparable to finasteride, a medication often prescribed for BPH. Nettle seeds are found on the female nettle plant (distinguished from the males by the droopiness of their flowers and somewhat frosty appearance). The best time to harvest nettles is the first few weeks of spring when the leaves are young and tender. Cut them into very small pieces with pruners or scissors. What are your thoughts? The best time to harvest nettles is in the early weeks of spring when the leaves are still tender. Have a look at this post here too as I show photos of the right time to harvest. Though many people know how beneficial nettle leaf can be, until the recent revival of interest in nettle seeds it was a little used remedy in modern herbal medicine. Harvesting Nettle. In what ways have you harvested and used nettle root? Nettle does especially well on the edges of meadows, pastures, or streams … Stinging nettles are one of those exceptional herbs for which all parts of the plant can be used. . Curious About the Stinging Nettle Testosterone Link. . I am recovering from adrenal fatigue and found that nettle seeds provided wonderful energy. ( Log Out /  Stinging nettle can be eaten freely as food but it needs to be properly prepared. Harvest the leaves while the plant is young and before it flowers. My question(s): Do you (or do you know of any who) have experience using nettle seeds as a base for baking bread and is recipe available for those who like to try? Kiva Rose has also spoken of the overstimulating effects of the fresh seed. This is the time when energy from the plant is directed toward root production rather than to the leaves, seeds, or flowers. As the whole seed or in tincture? For more information about growing medicinal plants in your garden, try the following guides next: © Ask the Experts, LLC. These robust roots are easy to harvest and store, and they offer a number of medicinal uses. As the latin name of nettle (Urtica dioica) suggests (dioica means two houses) they produce two kind of plants - male and female. All you do is fill a jar with seeds cover with vodka or another alcohol that is at least 40%. Whereas the leaf is gentler and more nourishing however, the seed packs more of a punch. Female plant I will be heading out next week to hopefully get some ready for returning to work after maternity leave! COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. While I realize that this post is five years old now, I am hoping that you might still be responding to comments. Starting stinging nettle from seed or transplants. Lay the freshly washed roots out in the shade or in a dry room on a cloth to drain and dry on the surface, turning them every so often to aid the process. Hi Lucinda, I wonder about using the seeds as a base for bread. It is covered with many small hairs that sting upon contact and are used as a defense mechanism to keep animals from eating it. So nettle seeds can help harmonise the whole of the endocrine system, though their primary action is to balance the adrenals. Using Stinging Nettle. I have never used them in this way but thank you so much for sharing your video, I will look forward to watching it later. It is best not to harvest stinging nettle once the seeds form. and now in Petaluma, Ca. Nettle takes 80-90 days to mature when you grow it from seed. The American Botanical Council concludes that “the approved modern therapeutic applications for stinging nettle herb, leaf, and root are supportable based on their history of clinical use in well-established systems of traditional medicine, on well documented phytochemical investigations, on pharmacological studies in animals, and on human clinical studies.”. Some tips and tricks on how to harvest stinging nettle roots without getting bitten by the stingers can help keep you safe as you collect this potentially troublesome, yet beneficial, plant. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. As the endocrine glands work together to maintain a subtle balance in the body, often a medicine that affects one of them will have a knock on effect throughout the entire system. I’m pretty Vata and, as I say, they haven’t ever kept me awake, though they did give me  a surprising and uncharacteristic motivation to do lots of housework! Plan to harvest in late fall or early spring. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ( Log Out /  As a general rule, try to only dig up a third of roots at one time. I hope they help to ease the return to work for you. As she suggests, nettle seeds do seem to harbour a remarkable amount and variety of insect life, so it’s really best to do as she says and cut whole stems rather than just the seeds and hang them for a few days to allow the wildlife to escape. In heavier soils, they may be shallower, while sandier soils may lead to deeper growth. You can use the folk method which doesn’t require an alcohol license or specific measurements. Sorry I can’t be of more help. The roots I am discussing in this article harvesting are from Urtica dioica dioica, which is what I wildcraft and farm. Stinging nettle is a nutritious plant popular in herb gardens throughout the world. In warmer climates where the ground doesn’t freeze, you may be able to harvest in the winter as well. The seeds of Nettle are a lesser-known harvest, compared with that of the spring Nettle greens, but they are a treasure to behold. HOW TO HARVEST STINGING NETTLE. Nettle grows and spreads by stolons, which form a network of yellow, lateral, creeping rhizomes. Good luck and let me know how she gets on. I have seen an episode of “best of British” by the hairy bikers in which a druid is seen making bread.
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